so apparently “normal” people sleep in the pm hours and wake up in the am hours???

People want to hear songs with the words they’re afraid to say.


if prisoner of azkaban isn’t your favourite HP movie please don’t talk to me

I already saw that on Tumblr.

—literally everything (via beccaliving)

No, I don’t love him, but my heart skips a little when I see some love text that is very relatable


Battery: 30%

let me turn off my phone so I can use it later on

*turns phone back on*

Battery: 8%

what the fuck


how do you tell a teacher that her teaching methods are fucking stupid


we live in the era of smart phones and stupid people


Don’t start an argument with a girl because they all have 45020194 GB memories and will bring up something you did at 14:23PM on 23/04/2007

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i love the sense of community in the classroom when you all know you failed the test